7 Davana Essential Oil Health Benefits

 what is davana essential oil
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 what is davana essential oil

Davana essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the davana plant through steam distillation. Scientifically known as Artemisia pallens, the davana plant is native to India and the surrounding countries; this essential oil is mainly used for religious purposes. The fresh flowers (plus oil extracted from the same) have potent medicinal properties that are used to treat various ailments.

This essential oil can be obtained by distilling the fresh flowers (just before budding) or simply refine the whole herb. The herb has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat various types of ailments, with ayurvedic healers using the herb to treat reproductive conditions and infertility and to ease menopausal concerns. The herb can also be used to treat minor skin conditions, such as acne, black spots, and stretch marks as well. Davana essential oil also produces a rich, soothing fragrance; hence, it can be used in an oil diffuser. Natives in India, however, believe that the smell that's produced differs from one person to the other; this is one of the reasons why it is used for religious purposes.

 how to use davana oil

1Protects You From Most Virus Infections

Davana essential oil packs potent antiviral properties that make it an effective home remedy for protection against virus attacks. The oil works by attacking the cysts (the protective layer of the virus), killing the virus in the process. The oil can, therefore, be used to treat virus-related infections, ranging from the common cold, cough, measles, influenza, etc.

Measles manifests itself as a giant red rash on the face, which then starts spreading to other parts of the body. Early signs and symptoms of measles include a cough, runny nose, and fever; hence, it is commonly misdiagnosed as the common cold or flu. The virus, however, matures and presents other notable symptoms, such as inflammation, diarrhea, a large rash, and, in rare cases, pneumonia.

 what is davana essential oil

2Eases Your Breathing

Adding davana essential oil to an oil diffuser or bathwater also helps make breathing much more relaxed. This particularly comes in handy for individuals with respiratory conditions, such as a cough and chest congestion. Breathing in the oil's mist loosens up phlegm deposits and severe cough and also takes care of the pain related to the same. Inflammation and pain caused by the common cold can also be treated using davana essential oil.

Most people experience headaches but do not know the origin of the same. A headache is classified as any pain experienced in the neck and head region. A headache can be a symptom of a more significant health condition. It can either be specific (caused by nonphysical forces) or triggered by another health condition.

 how to use davana essential oil

3Eases Menstrual Pains

As mentioned earlier, the davana herb was used to treat various reproductive conditions in women. This includes strains due to blocked menstruation and irregular periods. This essential oil can be used to help unblock blocked fallopian tubes and make your periods regular. Cramps, pelvic pains, nausea, and fatigue are some of the menstruation-related conditions that can be treated using davana essential oil.

Some people even use this essential oil to alleviate fatigue. Mental and physical fatigue are all signs of one feeling weak and tired and commonly caused by long-term exhaustion. Most cases of fatigue can be treated by inducing relaxation through aromatherapy.

 how to use davana oil

4It Prevents Sepsis

Sepsis is a condition where an open wound becomes infected by bacteria. Davana essential oil can be used to prevent sepsis in both external and internal injuries, urethra, urinary tract, and kidneys. Applying the oil directly to the injured area can help prevent tetanus and other conditions caused by germ infection. The oil can be used to avoid infections to wounds and cuts from iron and rusty or dirty objects.

While applying diluted davana essential oil to the injured area does help prevent sepsis, it's advisable to keep your body hydrated to boost the healing process. Drinking plenty of water is one way to keep your body hydrated. Alcohol, coffee, and carbonated drinks do not qualify for this. You can, however, opt for fresh fruit juice, healthy soups, and pure drinking water.

 benefits of davana essential oil

5Fights Or Prevents Infections

Davana essential oil has long been used to fight infections caused by viruses, fungi, microbes, and bacteria. The oil is also a common ingredient in vaporizers, sprays, and fumigants that are used to eradicate harmful microbes. This could also be a reason why the Hindus used davana flowers for religious purposes.

Infections occur when a foreign organism enters the human body or cells, causing harm. The organisms may use the host's body to reproduce, for sustenance, and to colonize. Infection-causing microbes, often known as pathogens, adapt and multiply rather quickly, a reason they cause sicknesses. Examples of pathogens include fungi, viruses, bacteria, and prions.

 what is davana essential oil

6Induces A Sense Of Relaxation

Davana essential oil can be used in aromatherapy to produce a sense of physical and mental relaxation. The oil contains properties that help relax contractions in the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. This helps alleviate anxiety, stress, anger, and depression, which are often caused by a tired brain and chemical imbalances. Using the oil for aromatherapy (in diffusers) also helps one fall asleep faster and get quality, uninterrupted sleep.

Stress mostly affects both a person's biology and psychology. As mentioned earlier, stress can be caused by biochemical imbalances that are triggered by a number of conditions or situations. Restoring the body's state of equilibrium, however, helps get rid of depression.

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7Other Health Benefits

Davana essential oil can be used as an insect repellant and vermifuge. Its hypotensive properties can also come in handy for individuals who have high blood pressure. Some perfume manufacturers use davana oil as a key ingredient.

Although davana essential oil isn't toxic, pregnant women shouldn't be allowed to use the oil. This is because it can trigger chain reactions that can affect the mother's health. The oil can, however, be diluted using grapefruit, geranium, neroli, caraway, cedarwood, chamomile, and coriander essential oils.

 health benefits of davana essential oil

Davana essential oil has a distinctive yellow-brown color and produces a fruity odor. The davana plant grows to about 18 inches. It produces puffy yellow flowers that are commonly used on religious occasions.

Today, davana essential oil is used in the culinary, beverage, and the perfume industry. The oil produces a soothing scent that helps restore emotional calm while soothing your nerves. You, too, can enjoy many of these benefits by adding davana essential oil in your oil diffuser.

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